Welcome to our customer support page where you will hopefully find an answer to your question or help in overcoming an issue you may have. If you cannot find the answer here, please use the contact form provided by clicking the link below.
Please use the Contact Form to let us know about any of the following....
- if you have been locked out of the member area and need to have your account reinstated
- there is a broken link, for example, to a photo gallery
Occasionally we carry out site maintenance and there may be odd times when the site is down for hardware/software updates. Other than this, we do carry out regular monitoring of the site and if you do experience any problem that affects your viewing pleasure it is more than likely related to your own PC or device. So please check your own system first before assuming there is a site issue.
Download speeds are catered for using top tier connections meaning we can cope with very heavy demands without a loss of speed. If you do experience slow download speeds it is highly likely to be an issue with your local connection hub, partcularly at times of peak internet demand. We suggest you return to the site at quieter moments.
Please direct all billing queries to CCBill Customer Support, our billing provider of your membership. Our providers will handle all issues relating to your purchase including such things as...
- non-receipt of a confirmation email (usually the result of you entering an incorrect email address or spam filtering)
- lost confirmation emails
- lost login details
- cancellations
- all other billing related information, such as join date, card used etc
Please do not contact us directly about any billing issues since we do not hold any of this information for security and privacy reasons.
General Issues
Use of proxy addresses is not permitted. A list of known proxies are observed and use will result in permanent disabled access.
We have tested this site on the latest versions of Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Because of the vast range of proprietary browsers out there and different versions of each browser we cannot guarantee that everything will work or appear in the correct place. We recommend that you always keep your browsers up to date and use only offical versions of the popular browsers.


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