1. By accepting these terms and conditions you are stating that you are not breaking any laws in your country by viewing this site and are of legal age (decided by your community) to view photographic (or otherwise) representations of nudity and adult themes, that you are not offended by such representations and that you are of sound mind and viewing the site of your OWN FREE WILL

2. This website reserves the right to refuse entry or membership to any individual with no explanation being required or given.

3. All material on this website is provided for the private use of the visitors of the website and the members of the website only. It may not be reproduced, published or hyperlinked to in any shape or form without the written permission of the Site operators. All material is owned and copyrighted or is the property of the originator and has been used by permission. In particular, posting to usenet newsgroups, groups, bulletin boards, free viewing sites (including but not limited to video related sites) or any other location outside of this website is strictly prohibited and anyone found doing this will forfeit their access rights (including membership) to the website with no refunds. We may also consider taking legal action in order to recoup losses.

4. This site contains links to other websites. By accepting the terms and conditions you are stating that you do not hold this website responsible in any way for the content of sites not under the control of this website (i.e. any of the linked sites). You understand and accept that a link to another site from this one does not imply endorsement or any other relationship between this site and the site linked to.

5. We do not guarantee 100% uptime and availability of the membership system. However, we will do our best to provide the maximum level of stability and accessibility possible.


1. We use CCBill ("Billing Company") to provide our card processing infrastructure. The highest level of security and anti-fraud measures exist in their systems to ensure your transactions are safely made over the internet.

2. No card details are stored on our server. All card information remains with the billing company. Card numbers are not available to anyone but the billing companies and their authorized sales staff. Card numbers are at no point transmitted over the internet without industry standard (128 bit SSL) encryption being applied. This is the strongest form of encryption commonly used for transactions on the web.

3. The only details stored locally on our server are those concerning membership purchases. In this case the dates of transactions and username/password's are stored for the purposes of running and administrating the membership account. No other details are kept locally. These details are not accessible via any of the public interfaces of the site.

4. NEVER send your credit card numbers via email. We cannot take orders this way and will reject any such order. Doing so is highly unsafe and may compromise your credit card.

5. If you have any dispute about a transaction made with your card please contact the Billing Company.

6. We reserve the right to additionally manually review the details of transactions made from certain countries we consider high risk and optionally to reject such transactions. We also reserve the right to run additional checks against orders originating from free email accounts. Such orders may be held up while additional verification is performed. We ask for your patience with this procedure which is designed to prevent fraud and is in everyone's interest.

1. These points regard only your email address and name - NOT YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS which are not stored on our server.

2. We respect your right to privacy and will do everything we can to protect that right.

3. Member details will not be sold or given to any third party or to any other members of the site

4. Members details will only be used for the purposes of administrating the website.

5. Although we will do our best to make sure your details remain secure and private we cannot be held responsible for:

- Unforeseen Software/Hardware errors that fail in such a way as to leave your details exposed

- Hacking. Although we have the most stringent anti-hacking measures in place and only allow access to our servers via authorised persons, the possibility always exists

- Human Error. We are all human and mistakes can sometimes be made. We will try our utmost to prevent this happening but again cannot be held responsible for the unforeseen

7. In all cases should problems occur we will try to limit any damage and fix any problems as soon as is humanly possible

Membership Use
1. By gaining access to and logging into the members area you agree you have read, understood and abide by these terms and conditions which are presented for your approval before you make your purchase. You agree that you are not offended by sexual imagery and confirm that you have intentionally purchased membership to the member area of the site for the time period you selected. You also agree that you are taking complete and total responsibility for your actions in joining the member only area and will not take any legal action against the webmaster/host(s), or any other connected parties, based on your decision to join the members area of the site. In addition, you confirm that you are not being forced by anyone to join the member area against your will and that you understand the laws of your community regarding adult material and are not breaking them by entering the site.

2. Fees for membership are paid in advance and are not refundable for part months. Cancellation merely stops the rebilling process. No refunds are applicable on part usage of membership. In other words you pay for the next period in advance and you cannot claim back on the remainder of the period you cancel in.

3. Any refunds are purely at our own discretion. We reserve the right to deny or issue refunds based on individual order circumstances.

4. By logging into the site and making use of it your first payment becomes non-refundable as you have received access to the member area. If you have signed up for 1 month this means 1 months fee will be charged and is not refundable.

5. Password piracy is theft. We operate a password protection mechanism that detects access to the site by a number of methods. You may not resell, trade or share your account details or leave them insecure. Anyone found doing so will have their account terminated and will be blocked from future membership. We may also consider legal action to recover losses.

6. You should also refer to the Customer Support page for any other conditions which may apply from time to time, and which may affect your membership use. This includes the use of site ripping software, known issues and possible fixes concerning the viewing and downloading of video and picture image material.

7. This site cannot be held responsible for any failure to view material contained in the member only area which is, or may be, caused by issues with your Personal Computer (hardware and/or software related), your internet connection or any other issue outside of our control. All material is tested prior to going live.


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